Cowlan, James

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4 Eustace Street, 1816
32 Lower Ormond Quay, 1817
Arran Quay, 1818
1 Bachelor's Walk, 1819–20
29 Upper Ormond Quay, 1820
6 Essex Quay, 1821–22
8 Essex Quay, 1823


Brother of Michael Cowlan (Cowlan).

Mark: '(unicorn's head) Cowlan: Liverpool'.

[Details differ according to sources: Waterhouse gives the dates and addresses as above (misspelling Ormond and Bachelor) until 1821, stating that Cowlan was in Liverpool from 1822 to 1834. The Dublin Directories give the 8 Essex Quay address in 1823.]

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  • Flute. Mark: ‘COWLAN PORTSmth’ [presumably James] (Cowlan)
  • Bugle, 1815: National Army Museum London. Accession number 1966-01-5. Mark: ‘Made by J COWLAN 6 Essex Quay Dublin Royal Patent Bugle Haliday Inventor' and '412' (Cowlan)
  • Keyed trumpet in F, c. 1825–30: National Music Museum, The University of South Dakota [Utley collection]. Inventory number NMM 7103. Mark: ‘Made by J.COWLAN. 39, Whitechapel, LIVERPOOL’ (Cowlan)
  • Keyed bugle: sold at Bamford’s Derby on 26 September 2012. Mark: ‘J.COWLAN MAKER 12 King Street MANCHESTER’ (Cowlan)
  • Flute [made in Liverpool] (Waterhouse)
  • Bassoon [made in Liverpool] (Waterhouse)
  • Keyed bugle [made in Liverpool] (Waterhouse)
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