Southwell, James

Dates Active in Dublin: 



23 Stafford Street, 1822–27
7 Peter's Row, 1828–30
19 Lower Camden Street, 1831–40
Monk Place, Phibsboro, 1836–40


Relationship to William Southwell uncertain: possibly a nephew or grandson (De Valera).

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: the Dublin Directories give the dates and address as above. Teahan gives the Stafford Street address in 1822, Peter's Row in 1828 and 'Phibsboro' in 1838. Hogan gives the Stafford Street address from c. 1822 to 1829 and the Peter's Row from c. 1830 to 1832 with no reference to Camden Street or Phibsboro. De Valera refers to the 'Camden Buildings' in 1834 only. It is unclear whether the Phibsboro address was Southwell's residence or a second premises.]

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