Connor, Dennis

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2 Little Christ Church Yard, c.1745–48
South Christ Church Yard, 1748–75 [same address?]


Also known as Dennis Conner.

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: Teahan gives Little Christchurch Yard in 1748. Boydell (Calendar) gives Little Christ Church Yard from 1746 to 1775. Lawrence (without citation) gives 1740 to 1775: 2 Little Christ Church Yard from 1745 to 1748 and South Christ Church Yard from 1748 to 1775. Pollard gives Little Christ-church yard from -1748-1752-.]

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  • 'Connor has agreed with Mr. Carolan son of the celebrated Mr. Terence Carolan, in publishing the Compositions of his said Father, and there is now finished a Book containing 61 Pieces of Musick which is to be sold only by the said Connor and Carolan and subscriptions for other Books of said Composition to be taken in by said Connor and Carolan, and by Michael Hanbury, Engraver, at the Bear in George's Lane', 11-14 June 1748 (Dublin Journal, cited in Boydell, 'Georgian Lollipops')
  • Produced

  • 'German Flutes, Hautboys, and Concert Flutes in the most exact manner', 11-14 June 1748 (Dublin Journal, cited in Boydell, 'Georgian Lollipops')
  • 'Fiddles and Flutes and has brought Guitars to as great Perf[...?] (as to Beauty and Tone) as they made in London', July 1759 (Dublin Journal, 14–17 July 1759)
  • Sold

  • 'Roman Fiddle Strings, Harpsichord Wire, with all kinds of Toys ... and has lately imported Fiddles of all Prices and other instruments, together with printed Musick fitted for all Capacities, having corresponded in London will continue to sell Monthly Masques as they come out', 11-14 June 1748 (Dublin Journal, cited in Boydell, 'Georgian Lollipops')
  • ‘Six new Sonatas or Duets for Flutes or Violins, dedicated to Col. Richard St George, composed by Signor Gio. Angela Battisto Putti, da Lucca', 20-24 February 1750 (Dublin Journal, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • Signor Puttis' new Duet for Two German Flutes or Violins 'at the request of his friends, they are lowered to a British Half-Crown each Book', 23-26 November 1751 (DG, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Fiddles and Flutes [...] also sells the best kind of Roman fiddle strings', July 1759 (Dublin Journal, 14–17 July 1759)
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