Lee, Edmond

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Dates Active in Dublin: 

c. 1777–1821


Son of Samuel and Anne Lee and brother of John Lee.

Listed in the Dublin Directories with Anne Lee as 'music sellers' (1777–83), under his own name as 'piano forte and harpsichord maker' (from 1786) and as 'music seller and instrument maker' (from 1790).

It is not certain to what extent (if any) Edmond Lee may be identified with the 'Walker & Lee' partnership of c. 1781 listed by Hogan, but their addresses are the same.

In partnership with John Lee, he published music engravings from 1788 to 1789 (Munter) under the imprint of 'John and Edmund Lee, Dame Street' (Humphries & Smith). Flood erroneously names John and Edward Lee as harpsichord makers in the 1790s.

Edmond continued the family business until 1821 when it was taken over by John Aldridge.

[Dates differ according to sources: Teahan gives the dates as 1786 to 1810 but Hogan, Kerry and Boydell (Calendar) give them as 1788 to 1821.]

Select Product/Work List: 


  • The Morn was Fair, with parts for two guitars, c.1803 (Lawrence)
  • The White Cockade a Favorite Rondo for the Piano Forte or Harpsicord
  • Sold

  • Corri, Domenico, Art of Fingering (Hogan)
  • 'New invented Musical Desk with a Dictionary' (Hogan)
  • Frick, Modulation (Hogan)
  • Hook, Musical Guide (Hogan)
  • Miller, Institutes of Music (Hogan)
  • Miller, Elements of Thorough Bass and Composition (Hogan)
  • Quantz, Extemporary Cadences (Hogan)
  • Rameau, Treatise on Harmony and Principles of Composition (Hogan)
  • 'Instruction books for violin, viola, German flute, ‘common or English flute’, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, fife, mandoline, guitar, harp, harpsichord and organ, and singing treatises by Nares and Tenducci' (Hogan)
  • 'The greatest Variety of New Music & single songs with the choicest assortment of the best ton'd Grand & Square Patent Piano fortes &c.' (The White Cockade imprint)
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