Dollard, John

Dates Active in Dublin: 

[1800?] 1822–1835


15 Essex Quay, 1822–25
23 Essex Quay, 1826–32
28 Essex Quay, 1832–35


Writing about 'Dollard' of Dublin (no first name), Henley comments: 'worked in Dublin, 1800, workmanship very rough and utterly puerile. Varnish dull and blotchy. Outline and arching perfectly exemplify incompetency of designer. Wretchedly poor and weak tone. 'Cellos belong to same order. Some instruments know of better modelling and workmanship, but generally assumed to have been made, or at least finished by M'Neill'.

References to, and instruments made or sold by members of the Dollard family often not distinguished by name. Mark: Dollard / Dublin (Waterhouse)

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: Hogan gives John's date and address as c. 1800 at 15 Essex Quay and Henley gives the date as 1800, but these are likely to be in reference to Isaac. The Dublin Directories gives the dates as 15 Essex Quay from 1822 to 1825, 23 Essex Quay from 1826 to 1832 and 28 Essex Quay from 1833 to 1835, with Matthew recorded at the same address between 1829 and 1835. Waterhouse states that Matthew succeeded John in 1828. Note: based on the statement by Algernon Rose (Talks with Bandsmen, London 1894, cited in Waterhouse) that Isaac apprenticed under McNeil, it is probable that Henley's comments (cited above) refer to Isaac's work. However, it is also possible that it refers to John, as Boydell (Card Index) includes this information in reference to John only, and Hogan maintains that John was working c. 1800. It is unlikely to be Matthew.]

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  • Keyed bugle: Basel [formerly in the Bernovilli collection]. Inventory number 544 (Waterhouse)
  • Cello. Mark: 'Dollard Dublin' (Graham)
  • Flute: Washington DC. Inventory number 135 [could be by either Isaac, John or Matthew] (Waterhouse)
  • Double flageolet: National Museum of Ireland. Inventory number 2:1955. Stamp: 'Dollard Dublin Patent' [could be by either Isaac, John or Matthew] (Boydell, 'Flageolet')
  • Clarinet: Edinburgh. Inventory number 116 [could be by either Isaac, John or Matthew] (Waterhouse)
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