Butler, George (i)

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34 Sackville Street, 1832
59 Mary Street, 1833
11 Ellis Quay, 1868–82
34 Bachelor's Walk, 1882–1926
2 Lower Abbey Street, 1926–27
[Also: 29 Haymarket, London]


Father of George Butler (ii).

Succeeded the business of 'a Mr Dollard, maker of flute, Kent-bugle, serpent and bass-horn' in 1826 (Algernon Rose, Talks with Bandsmen London 1894, cited in Waterhouse).

The Fermanagh Mail advertisement of 1876 states that Butler's 'Manufactory' was in Haymarket London and the 'Branch Establishment' was at 11 Essex Quay, Dublin.

'G. Butler & Sons, Musical Instrument Manufacturers, 29 Haymarket, London & Dublin' printed on a card of band music [found loose in a copy of Peter Francis's volume of mainly late eighteenth-century music].

[Addresses differ according to sources: the Dublin Directories give the Sackville Street and Mary Street addresses as above and Waterhouse gives the Ellis Quay, Bachelor's Walk and Lower Abbey Street addresses.]

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  • 'Butler’s Cornets and Saxhorns, Clarionets, Flutes, and flageolets, Drums, Fifes and Triangles, Violets, Banjoes [sic] and Tambourines, Concertinas, English and German, Harmoniums and Musical Instruments of every description', 1876 (Fermanagh Mail)
  • Alto flute, c. 1880: sold by Sotheby's on 17 November 1994. Stamp: 'Butler Haymarket London and Dublin' (Waterhouse)
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