Watson, A. & W.

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c. 1824–1832

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[Presumably] succeeded the solo business of William Watson (1805–c. 1818).

[Details differ according to sources regarding The Hymns & Anthems as Sung in Protestant Churches & Chapels: Humphries & Smith give the date as c. 1830, but Boydell (Card Index) states that (a) the copy in the Trinity College Dublin library has a watermark of 1818; (b) the publisher's preface is dated 1824; and (c) Hill suggests that it could not be published later than 1826 as the price is marked in British currency and after 1826 the currency was standardised.]

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Sold (as listed in Humphries & Smith)

  • The Hymns & Anthems as Sung in Protestant Churches & Chapels ... Arranged by the late David Weyman ... Dublin. Printed and Published by Geo. Allen ... and may be had at A. & W. Watson's, c. 1824
  • The 150 Psalms as Authorized and Sung in Churches ... as set in the Large Edition of the Melodia Sacra. By Mr. Weyman ... Dublin. Printed & Published by ... Geo. Allen ... sold at A. & W. Watson's ... Second Edition, c. 1831
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