Turton, P.

Dates Active in Dublin: 

c. 1829–1840


[Note: Weston states that the key covers and the elliptical crook of the Oxford ophicleide suggest that it was made later than the 1829 date on it's inscription and theorises that Turton could have built the instrument as late as the 1840s.]

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  • Six-keyed-bugle: Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments [formerly in the Colonel Thomas Bradney Shaw-Hellier collection]. Inventory number 3309 (Waterhouse). Mark: 'Royal / Patent Kent / Bugle / 299 / HALLIDAY INVENTOR [bell] and 'Made by P. Turton / 5, Wormwood Gate / Dublin' [bell garland] (Lasocki)
  • Ophicleide (no. 884) (Lasocki), 1829[?]: Oxford. Inventory number x602 (Waterhouse). Mark: 'Ophicleide or Quint-Tube Halary. Inventor. Made by P. Turton 5, Wormwood-Gate, Dublin, 1829' (Weston)
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