Hime, Maurice

Dates Active in Dublin: 



40 College Green, c. 1790–91
34 College Green, c. 1791–1811
29 College Green, c. 1811–14
26 Dame Street, c. 1814–17
3 Westmoreland Street, c. 1817–19
14 Eustace Street, c. 1819–20


A music seller and publisher in Liverpool with his brother Humphrey until c. 1790, when he moved to Dublin.

Listed in the Dublin Directories from 1792.

In 1814, a 'Mr Hime, music seller in Liverpool' was a subscriber to the Melodia Sacra, this is presumably the same Hime.

Ferris states that Hime took advantage of a technicality in the copyright legislation which meant that copyright protection did not apply in Ireland. He ran a successful business of printing music in Dublin and exporting it to England for substantial profit. McHale states that Hime's dealings in pirated music spanned three decades. He was involved in the Music Copyright Trial (Whitaker v. Hime) on 20 May 1815.

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Published (as listed in McHale)

  • Bunting, Edward, The Ancient Music of Ireland, c. 1798 [pirated edn]
  • Giordani, Tommaso, Gentle River - Sung by Mr Leoni at the Rotunda, c. 1800
  • Paddy O'Rafferty: A Favourite Irish Air Adapted for the Piano, c. 1800
  • Braham, John, Fair Ellen - A Favourite Ballad as Sung by Mr. Braham, at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, c. 1805
  • Bennison, T.T., La Retour de Wicklow - Pastorale Aria, Pas Seul and Waltz for the Harp or Piano, c. 1810
  • Sold

  • 'He will constantly, and at the earliest date, be supplied with all the new Music, whether domestic or foreign; likewise Instruments of all kinds, by the best Makers, either for sale or hire. Roman Violin Strings, German Wire, with every other Article in the Musical Line [...] Harpsichords, Piano Fortes, &c. repaired, tuned, and strung, on the shortest notice', 1791 (Freeman's Journal, 17–19 November 1791)
  • 'Pleyel’s Three Grand Sonatas for the Piano Forte, with accompaniments for the Violin and Violoncello, published by Preston of London, and available from Mr. M. Hime of College Green, Dublin', 1793 (Hibernian Chronicle, 8 August 1793, cited in O’Regan)
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