Crooke, Mary

Dates Active in Dublin: 

c. 1669–c. 1685

Business Type: 

St Austin's, King's Printing House, Castle Street, 1669–78
His Majesty's Printing House, Skinner Row, 1678–84
Ormond Quay, 1679–84


Wife of John Crooke, brother of Benjamin Tooke.

With her brother, Mary succeeded the business of her husband on his death.

They were joined by her sons John Jr in 1679 and Andrew in 1680.

In 1681, she opened the Ormond Quay premises and left the running of Skinner Row to her sons (Munter).

Select Product/Work List: 

Sold (as listed in Boydell)

  • Anthem books, 1670–71
  • Service books, 1671–72
  • Common prayer books, 1678–79
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