Stokes, Joshua

Dates Active in Dublin: 



13 Dame Street, c. 1781
24 Dame Street, c. 1782–90
1 South Great George's Street, 1784
64 Dame Street, 1787–89


Listed in the Dublin Directories as a 'musical instrument maker' in 1784. Not listed in 1785 to 1786, reappearing as a 'music seller' at 64 Dame Street in 1787.

Mark: 'Stokes, Dublin' (Waterhouse)

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: Waterhouse gives the dates as early nineteenth century for 'Stokes' (no forename). Flood gives 24 Dame Street from 1780 to 1790. Humphries & Smith and Hogan give 13 Dame Street c. 1781 and 24 Dame Street from c. 1782 to 1790.]

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  • Flute: sold by Sotheby's in 1981
  • Published

  • 'Half-sheet songs from popular musical plays, and a set of marches, including the “Volunteers’ March,” arranged as a Rondo' (Flood)
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